Network length - km, as the crow flies

Welcome to the County Town Network (CTN)

What is the CTN?

In a nutshell, the aim of the CTN is to provide a the starting point for bike rides that will, hopefully, inspire people to get out on their bikes and explore a bit more of the countryside

The spread out nature of the county towns means that most people will leave fairly close to the network, and should be able to complete some part of it.

  • I've done my best to identify the county towns correctly, but I'll admit that I may have made a few mistakes (Especially with the various splinter factions of Yorkshire)
  • I've placed the marker point of each town at the main (as far as I can tell) railway station
    • You may be arriving or departing by train, so it's a good reference point.
    • When entering a town, there are usually signs to the railway station, and the logo is really easy to spot from a distance.
    • They make easily identifiable subject for those "See, I made it!" photos - create your own Flickr page so that people can be impressing by your county town bagging prowess.
    • Newport , on the Isle of Wight (yes, that's a county) doesn't have a railway station, so I've used the council offices for this one.

The rules
(Not in a Velominati way, I hasten to add)

  • This is not a race
  • There is no obligation for you to circumnavigate the whole network or, for that matter, do it all in one go
  • You can take as long as you like , and do as many towns as you like in a single day
  • Although you can travel to your start point and from your end point by train, try not to start at a county town (or you haven't really ridden there, have you?)
  • You don't have to log the ride (on Strava or Garmin Connect etc), but it might be a good source of reference for others
  • The are no official routes, so you can go by roads, cycle paths or bridleways, as is appropriate for your bike/mood/ability at the time

Jan 1st 2015
Finally gave in to the nagging realisation that the acronym 'CTC' is far too confusing, and changed to 'CTN' (County Town Network). I decided to do this sooner, rather than later, before people get into the habit of using the original term. (Assuming that the idea takes off)

Dec 13th 2014
Added Scottish towns, complied with EU cookie rules (yawn) and added a forum.

Dec 2nd 2014
Added Welsh towns, showing 'cross-border' links in a different colour.

Nov 23rd 2014
Added a blog.

Nov 21st 2014
Everything, really, as I've only just created this site.

Future plans

Things that I envisage adding to this site - in no particular order...

  • Extend the network to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (Maybe Ireland too)
  • Allow experimental routes to be built up, to aid with juding distances for partial attempts
  • Storing information about accommodation and eating places
  • Add a blog and a forum, so that your adventures can be shared with others

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